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Terms and Conditions

I Definitions.

Operator – Boobry Group ul. J. Strusia 6/11 60-711 Poznań owner of Audio-Europa website.

Website – the advertisement website available on the domain www.audio-europa.com of which owner is Boobry Group ul. J. Strusia 6/11 60-711 Poznań that enable to post the advertisements of audiovisual equipment, service related to repairs and maintenance of audiovisual equipment, project service, assembly service, and other advertisements related to audio in a broad sense.

Advertisement – a set of information in the form of text and graphics generated as a result of introducing by user data in the form, which is an expression of his will for sale or purchase of a good or service added in accordance with the regulations of the Website Terms and Conditions. Single price for advertisement is mentioned in the Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/

User – a physical person who is not less than 18 years old, with legal capacity or legal person or entity without legal personality registered in Website, being a recipient of the service rendered by Audio-Europa Website.

Subscription- a package of advertisements to use by User within the period of 365 days of the time of activation, number of advertisement to use depends on the type of package selected by User.

Account – introduced by Audio-Europa Website unique, identified based on e-mail address a collection of data thanks to which User may make activations related to using the website and handling his/her Advertisement and other data available under the name: Dashboard.

Registration – an activity of setting up an Account in Audio-Europa Website.

Price List – a price table that contains types of services rendered by the Website available in Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/

Featured advertisment – a service that promotes an advertisement by displaying it on the first page of the Website i.e. on www.audio-europa.com in banner, along with other featured advertisements that change in a specific periods of time. It is valid for 3 days. Price of the service is available in the Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/

Terms and Conditions – this document establishing the rules of use of the Service

Good – an item or service being subject of an advertisement on the Website.

II General conditions of use.

  1. These Terms and Conditions define the rules of rendering service by civil law partnership (name and address, phone no, e-mail address) in the scope of Audio-Europa website in favour of its users. The services consist on: registration, posting an advertisement on the website, promotion of advertisements, purchase of advertising space or purchase of subscription in Audio-Europa Website.
  2. The condition of using the Website is to possess a computer with Internet connection, and use Google Chrome web browser in its version not older than 51.0.2704.106 with cookies support enabled.
  3. Subject of displaying of the advertisements are audiovisual equipment, audiovisual equipment accessories, including furniture and elements of acoustic isolation, service of repair and maintenance of audiovisual equipment, project service, consulting service, assembly service as well as other advertisements related to audiovisual widely defined subject.
  4. Content of the advertisements posted on the website is decided individually by the user. Advertisement should contain technical parameters characterizing the object of sales – introduced in a form, reliable description of the object condition, information on any possible defects and location in which the object is found.
  5. User declares that all items posted in advertisement are his own property, they come from legal sources, are not the subject of enforcement proceedings, are free from claims of third parties, are not the subject of pledge. Moreover User declares that he is the owner of the object of sale or is authorized by the owner / owners to sell these items. User guarantees that the content included in the advertisement is consistent with the actual state, do not violate rights of third parties including copyright and are compatible with the Regulations of Audio-Europa service. Audio-Europe service is not responsible for the content posted by users. All ads that do not meet with the rules contained in Regulations will be removed.
  6. Purchase of each service in Audio Europa Website involves its immediate implementation. User who purchased a service on the Website decides on its immediate implementation by the request for immediate realization of service expressed by marking an appropriate box in the purchase form. In this manner, User resigns from 14-days term, service withdrawal and there is no refund for the service purchased.
  7. Display of advertisement takes 30 days and is counted from the moment of activation of Advertisement in Audio-Europa Website. User has the right to edit, reserve an advertisement for buyer, withhold the display or remove his/her Advertisement from the website. It can be done in Dashboard.
  8. User who decides to display Advertisement also agrees to publish the contents contained in Advertisement including the pictures in the other Operator websites and social networks left in order to earn as many recipients as possible.
  9. Prices of goods that are the subject to Advertisement are expressed in gross.
  10. Registration on the Website is complimentary, however, the display of Advertisement and additional services are payable. Prices of all services payable are found in Price table, which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/
  11. Audio-Europa Website has the right to refuse to display, or remove Advertisement if its content or the elements attached are inconsistent with the character of the Website or violate its Terms and Conditions. In such cases the payment for publishing advertisement or providing with the other services as part of the Website activity, shall not be reimbursed to user.
  12. Audio-Europa Website has the right to remove Advertisement without giving a reason.
  13. Operator of Audio-Europa Website secures personal data of User according to privacy policy.
  14. Procedures of purchase of service by user on the Website looks as follows:

a) selection of service,
b) acceptance of the terms and conditions of the website,
c) expression of the will of immediate service provision,
d) payment,
e) sending the confirmation of service activation to the address of user’s e-mail,
f) service activation.

III Role of Audio-Europa website.

  1. The Website does not take responsibility for keeping users and for contents of the advertisements displayed, especially for the quality, safety, legality of the goods sold, and reliability of information in the content of an object description.
  2. Audio-Europa Website does not verify the Goods offered for sale.
  3. Any offers which Users offer to one another through the contact form on the website of a good offer and the resulting legal consequences should be settled between Users.
  4. Audio-Europa Website does not mediate in finalization of transactions between Users, and does not resolve any disputes considering irregularities disclosed during finalization of transaction.

IV Account.

  1. Publication of advertisement on the Website requires setting up an account of User and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  2. An account on Audio-Europa Website can be set up exclusively by person who reached his/her age of majority.
  3. Setting up an account on Audio-Europa Website is treated as a conclusion of service agreement for indefinite period of time, remotely. Both User and Operator have the right to terminate the agreement without giving reasons. In order to terminate the agreement and remove an Account, user should send an e-mail to the address support@audio-europa.com in which he/she will include his/her user name, e-mail address, and express the will of removal of his/her Account. In the case of termination of the agreement by Operator, User will be informed about it via mail.  
  4. Registration on the Website is complimentary.
  5. User receives access to his/her Account after logging in. Posting and editing advertisements is possible only for logged-in Users.
  6. In the case of Users who are not physical persons, all activities related to exploitation, registration and management of Account on their behalf can be performed by person entitled to these types of activities by these entities.
  7. Setting up an account is equal to expressing a consent to receive to the e-mail address given in the registration form the system messages and information on Audio-Europa website services.
  8. Within 14 days of registration User has the right to withdraw from agreement of setting up an account without giving reasons. For this purpose declaration should be sent to the address support@audio-europa.com, and the content should include the user name, e-mail address and make declaration of intent to withhold from agreement and remove the account.
  9. Using temporary e-mail addresses while setting up Accounts of Users is forbidden. Registered accounts for temporary e-mail addresses will be removed.

V Addings advertisements.

  1. The condition of display of advertisement is setting up Account on the Website, entry of the data required in advertisement form by user, acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the Website, declaration of intent of immediate service provision and payment for the service of adding advertisement – one of the accepted method of payment in Audio-Europa Website which is mentioned in point VII to these Terms and Conditions. Advertisements which are paid by one of the possible method of payments accepted by the Website will be activated immediately after receipt and verification of payment. User will be informed via mail on the activation of advertisement. Costs related to adding an advertisement are found in Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/
  2. The time of display of advertisement is 30 days when user can change the contents posted on website except for the category of product.
  3. Audio-Europa Website reserves the right to change the category of product published when it is mistakenly indicated by User, and in the case of violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Website has the right to remove Advertisement which will be communicated to User via mail.
  4. Advertisement in the light of the Terms and Conditions is not a trade offer, but information expressing the intent of sale or purchase of good.
  5. If the User after making payment resigns from displaying an advertisement, all activities of Audio-Europa Website will be done according to the terms and conditions and the character of the service rendered, User does not have the right to a refund for the service provided.
  6. User has the right to remove Advertisement and in the same time resigns from the further display of Advertisement in Audio-Europa Website. In this case the payment made for posting the advertisement or providing other services as part of the Website activity will not be reimbursed to User.
  7. Users who purchased Subscription on the Website do not bear any additional payments for displaying Advertisements for the time Subscription is valid provided they do not exceed the limit of advertisements number allowed. Additional services, including featured advertisements are payable regardless the subscription possessed.
  8. The contact data required for the User who adds Advertisement is the country and town/city in which the object of sales is found. User may also in the form content of advertisement optionally give his/her contact data, phone no. and address. The information will be displayed on the page of Advertisement.
  9. It is permitted also to add phone no. and e-mail address to the object description.
  10. Adding advertisements is equal to the consent of User for the contact of third parties through the contact data given in registration form and advertisement form in order to make sales transaction.
  11. Not more than until 30th day of the completion of Advertisement display, User may re-post the advertisement on the Website for a fee by using the button “Relist Ad, available in Dashboard of his/her account. After 30 days, the data of the form of completed advertisement will be removed from the website database.
  12. Advertisements may not contain contents inciting violence, racism, promoting crimes, alcohol, drugs, containing pornography, and contents of other kinds that are illegal and violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. All advertisements containing illegal contents will be removed, and accounts of the Users posting such contents will be blocked or removed.

VI Payment for subscription.

  1. In the meaning of the Audio-Europa Website subscription is a package of advertisements which is valid for 365 days of the day of activation.
  2. User may purchase one among three subscriptions:
    a) Mono Subscription- a package of 25 advertisements purchased by User, valid for 365 days. The package becomes invalid when the limit of 25 advertisement activated exceeds or after 365 calendar days. Single payment for the package is issued at activation of Subscription. The price for Mono Subscription is found in the Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/
    b) Stereo Subscription – a package of 100 advertisements purchased by User, valid for 365 days. The package becomes invalid when the limit of 100 advertisements activated exceeds or after 365 calendar days. Single payment is issued at activation of Subscription. The price of Stereo Subscription is found in the Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/
    c) Hi End Subscription- a package of unlimited number of advertisements purchased by User, valid for 365 days. The package does not have a limit on the number of advertisements to activate.After 365 calendar days, it becomes invalid. Single payment for the package is issued at the activation of Subscription. The price for Hi End Subscription is found in the Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/
  3. Within 14 days, User has the right to resign from the subscription purchased, only in the case, if he/she does not use any Advertisement within the framework of the subscription purchased.
  4. After purchase of Subscription, User does not bear any additional payments for advertisement display until the number of advertisements subject to the subscription is exhausted, or the subscription closes. Additional services including featured advertisements are payable regardless the subscription possessed according to Price List.  

VII Payments and forms of payment.

  1. Payments on Audio-Europa website operated by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. („PayPal”) based in Luxembourg.
  2. Audio-Europa Website accepts payments in the following method:PayPal.
  3. Registration on the Website is complimentary. Payable services on the Website have been presented in Price List which is available on   https://audio-europa.com/pricing/
  4. Audio-Europa website does not collect any cyclic payments – all payments made by users, are of a non-recurring nature.
  5. Each time after making payment, user receives mail information with the confirmation that payment into the Website account has been entered in the books.
  6. In order to receive an invoice for service, Users should contact Operator directly by sending a mail to the address: support@audio-europa.com. Operator shall issue an invoice within 14 days.

VIII Complaints.

  1. Complaints considering services provided by Audio-Europa Website can be addressed to the following e-mail address: support@audio-europa.com The content of complaint should contain: first and last name, e-mail address of user’s account, user name, name of the service advertised and the content of complaint.
  2. Complaints will be considered within 14 calendar days of the day of receipt.  

IX Technical interruptions and malfunctions.

  1. Operator is entitled to temporary interruption in operating the Audio-Europa Website and the service rendered for technical reasons.
  2. Operator will put any effort so the technical interruptions take place at a night time and take possibly as little time as possible.
  3. In the case of longer technical interruptions of more than 24h long, User has the right to prolong the subscription validity during which the technical interruption takes place, by as many days as the time of technical interruption has been.  
  4. Operator does not take responsibility towards Users for failure to provide or unduly provided service for the reasons third parties are responsible for (including the operators of telecommunication networks) and caused by majeure force.

X Final provisions.

  1. The Terms and Conditions are available on www.audio-europa.com/regulations.
  2. Operator shall inform User on any changes in provisions of the Terms and conditions not later than 7 days before they are entered into force. Information on the changes made to the Terms and Conditions with the content of new terms and conditions is found  on the main page of the website, i.e. www.audio-europa.com and will be sent out via mail to the address given in registration or current e-mail address of User.
  3. Unless the biding legal provisions provide otherwise, the actual law for the whole agreement between User and Operator, of which subject is to render service by Operator according to the conditions defined in the Terms and Conditions, is Polish law.